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Dear Kelly and Julie,

Thank you so much to you both. We really appreciate the assistance we, and our 7 year old son, have received from you. The approach you take with Family Hypnotherapy with Julie working with the parents and Kelly working with the child has just been fantastic. As parents, has given us a real opportunity to understand how and why children learn particular behaviours and how we can assist them to learn new ones. We have felt involved as active partners in this process – which is the way it should be!

In addition to the tools you have given us, we also appreciate the non-judgmental approach you both take. With family and our son’s school, we often walk away feeling that we are all so fundamentally flawed or ‘not good’ (read: bad) parents/child. It can be so disheartening and disempowering. However, you have certainly made us feel that we are capable and that we are able to turn things around (which we have begun to do). We have a calmer, more confident boy and calmer, happier family life! For this more than anything else, we thank you.

We wish you all the best in the future. And would highly recommend your services to any parents looking for assistance with a child who has challenging behaviours and habits.

Warm regards,

Katie and Glenn

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