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Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking is proven to work with over 80% of people. This is the healthiest, fastest and most effective technique to Quit Smoking for good. MTPA Sydney Hypnotherapy uses modern Hypnosis and NLP techniques in order to get to root of the problem.

Now you’ve maybe read an article on Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking. Or maybe spoken to a friend who says that they quit smoking using hypnosis and you want to do a little research. Good Idea!

So here’s some information to get you started on your journey to kicking that smoking habit for good.

Hypnosis is 3 Times as Effective as using Nicotine Patches and 15 Times More Effective Than Willpower

 Success Rate for Smoking Cessation 90.6% successful while using Hypnosis 

-University of Washington School of Medicine, Depts. of Anesthesiology and Rehabilitation Medicine, Int J Clin Exp Hypn. 2010 Jul;49(3):257-66. Barber J. For more Hypnosis statistics click here! 

So you’ve made a conscious decision to quit smoking. Well Done! This may be for your health, kids, work or just that you are sick of it. You maybe have bought that first patch and it has given you a little relief. Furthermore you may have realised that you are wearing one every second of every day. And at the highest strength. So that’s not really conducive to a healthy lifestyle is it?

The reason none of these forms help you quit smoking for good is that while consciously you are quitting smoking, unconsciously nothing is happening. The unconscious stores every little bit of information given to us like our memories, decisions, actions, emotions and behaviours. A habit like smoking is linked to all of them in some way or another. So it is vital that to quit smoking you have to access the unconscious mind.

So the ONLY way to access the unconscious mind to make a long lasting change is by using Hypnosis.

The best way to stop smoking once and for all is through the use of Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking.

Over 80% of people can quit smoking when using Hypnotherapy and NLP Techniques. Now its no secret that Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways of quitting smoking.

hypnotherapy to quit smokingThe reason Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking success rates are so high is because the unconscious mind loves habit. So the only way to stop a habit is to access the powerful unconscious. Neuro-scientists are constantly doing more research into modern NLP and Hypnosis techniques. What they have learnt is that everyone is different. Every brain is different. So every choice we make in our lives is fuelled by something different. One way of thinking or working may or may not work for another person. For this reason traditional hypnosis techniques such as hypnosis tapes or pre written scripts are less effective. So they may only give short term relief to a smoker.

MTPA Sydney Hypnotherapy uses modern Hypnotherapy and NLP Techniques that cater to the individual. Thus helping us get to the root of the smoking problem. It is always a very relaxing and pleasurable experience that will benefit a persons over all Health and Wellbeing.


The first Hypnotherapy for Quit Smoking session is always a minimum of 2 hours at $360. Subsequent sessions are 50-60 mins at $180. For the best results using Hypnotherapy for Quit smoking, clients see me for a minimum of 4 hours.

Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking Package

MTPA Sydney Hypnotherapy Quit Smoking Package

4 Hour Package at $660 (saving of $60)

  • A 2 hour first session and 50-60 hour sessions after that.
  • Education on your unconscious processes. Resulting in a deeper understanding about how your mind works when the problem happens.
  • Hypnosis & NLP Techniques aimed at accessing and changing the core of the problem.
  • A few Mind Tools uniquely designed to be congruent with your unique unconscious processes. All for you to use for the rest of your life.
  • This is not a ‘quick fix’ solution. This is a carefully designed program so we can ensure that you stop smoking for good.

***Packages need to be paid in full before the first session to receive the discount***

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MTPA Sydney Hypnotherapy cancellation policy

MTPA Sydney Hypnotherapy requires at least 24 hours notice for cancelling or rescheduling any appointments. If this does not occur, there is an $80 per hour booked cancellation fee.

Is Hypnotherapy covered by Medicare or Private Health funds? 

Hypnotherapy clients cannot claim sessions with Medicare. Some Private Health funds cover Hypnotherapy and we have a Provider Number. As levels of cover vary please check with your provider.

MTPA Sydney Hypnotherapy is a Registered Professional Member with the ASCH or the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists.

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MTPA Sydney Hypnotherapy is currently based in Sydney’s Inner West in Newtown and the Eastern Suburbs in Bondi Junction.

Kelly Robinson

Master Practitioner Clinical Hypnotherapist

Neuro- Linguistic Programmer

Dip. Mod. Psych.