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MTPA Sydney Hypnotherapy working with Performers at The Hub Studio

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MTPA Sydney Hypnotherapy is proud to announce that we are working with The Hub Studio to bring my Mind Training for Performing Artists Workshop on the 22nd April from 10am -3pm at just $85!

Course Overview

Take advantage of this new opportunity to attend an extremely special one-day Workshop. This Workshop is one of a kind as Actors are given a chance to work with Kelly Robinson who is a Master Hypnotist and Neuro-Linguistic-Programmer. Kelly has worked ‘one on one’ with professional Actors, Opera Singers, Dancers, Musicians and is now presenting her Mind Tool system to a group of forward thinking Actors at The Hub Studio. Artists have come to her to learn these secret Mind Tools to enhance their Performance and to get rid of any kind of fear or anxiety with auditioning or performing. This workshop is what has been missing and desperately required in this industry.



Course Outline

Kelly’s Workshop focuses on unlocking the power of the Actors unconscious mind. Using her Mind Tool System, Actors get the most out of every audition and performance opportunity. This gives the Actor the power to create fantastic and consistent performances. In the Workshop Kelly will have you:

  • Building a relationship with your powerful unconscious mind. You will have a one of a kind insight into how the mind works in Performance situations
  • Utilizing secrets to build unconscious rapport with Casting Directors, Directors and other Actors.
  • Free and clear of anxiety and nerves with her marvelous Release Techniques
  • Powerfully using the Disappointment Destroyer program – a proven Mind Tool used by professional Performers and even Olympic Elite Athletes all around Australia.
  • Unlocking and fully embodying a Character easily in a sensationally unconscious way!

Course Outcomes

Imagine knowing that with every performance you can feel confident, focused and wise. You will be so surprised and delighted with this workshop as it’s not like any other acting workshop you have attended.  BE READY and YOU WILL ACHIEVE:

  • No nerves or anxiety and the power to bounce back fast no matter what the outcome.
  • You will be armed with the secret automatic Mind Tools for you to use at any audition, casting and performance.
  • Incredibly effective coping mechanisms to handle the pressures of the Industry.
  • Once learnt, you can then have the freedom to use all that you have learnt in other areas of your life for the rest of your life!

Session Details

When: 1 x Sunday

Dates: 22nd April 2018

Time: 10am – 3pm

Venue: 18 City Rd, Chippendale, NSW 2008

Cost: $85.00 excl GST and booking fee.

Participants: 12-14 Maximum


To sign up click here!


Medical Hypnotherapy or Hypnotherapy for Pain

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So it has been a while since I have done a blog post and the reason behind that is because I have had some Health problems. Thankfully I am all better now and am 100% healthy. Yay!  So for my first blog back I thought I would write about my experiences with Medical Hypnotherapy or Hypnotherapy for pain.

My first ever experience of Hypnosis was actually when I was a teenager and I had chronic back pain. I was diagnosed with Arthritis and was given pain medication but it just wasn’t giving me any relief. After trying so many other natural remedies, I and my parents decided that I should give hypnotherapy a go. It worked. From the first session I was able to bring down my pain to a level of 5 out of 10. After that I had an MRI and the specialist told me that it was a misdiagnosis. The doctors thought that I should go off the pain medication and start taking anti depressants. I refused. I had enough of pills and wanted to just do Hypnotherapy. 2 sessions later I was getting my life back together and at 17 moved to Sydney. 🙂

What clients don’t realize about Medical Hypnotherapy or Hypnotherapy for pain, is that it is never about getting rid of the pain entirely. Pain is a signal and if Hypnotists take away the clients pain completely it could injure the client even more. So what is important is that Hypnotists bring the pain to a manageable level.


Medical Hypnosis is also used for Anxiety about any medical procedures. Last year I had a 7cm tumour in my lower abdomen that was effecting my digestive system. I felt nauseous a lot of the time and had very bad stomach pains. So not only did I use Hypnotherapy to bring the stomach pain down, I used it to manage the anxiety or fear of vomiting. It really made my mind focus on what my body needed and what signals it was giving me. Whether that was to stop and take a break or eat something specific to give me a little more energy.

When I finally had the operation I used Hypnosis to deal with the fear of having the procedure. I’d never had any experience of major surgery or any surgery for that matter. I also knew that it would be a long recovery process and was yet to find out if the tumour was cancerous or not. So there was a lot of Anxiety and the dreaded ‘What if’s” would come into my mind. But Hypnosis helped me mentally prepare for the procedure. To the point where when I was wheeled into the operating theatre I was excited. ahah. The doctors were so confused! It all went well and am happy to report the tumour was benign. 🙂

So that is my personal experience with using Hypnosis for medical problems. Hypnosis has also been proven to help with a variety of Medical problems including chronic pain, IBS, and more. Some more stats and information on studies done can be found here.

If you have a medical condition and want to find out how MTPA Sydney Hypnotherapy can help contact me here.

Till next time,


Nanu Nanu


How to relieve Stress and Anxiety with one simple question…

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Want to know the secret to relieve any Stress and Anxiety?

Ask yourself this simple question…




By asking yourself this important question you immediately empower yourself as the Decision Maker and Creator of your own life.

Our minds are incredibly creative and the solution to all of our problems are already inside us. We just have to ask the right questions.

When we were children we learnt how to use our imagination to solve problems. Remember going to your friend excitedly and saying those all important powerful words “Lets pretend…”? And whether you were princesses stuck in a tower or army soldiers on a secret mission, it all felt so real. Because as you know the unconscious doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality.  Maybe you had pictures, sounds, feeling, smells and even tastes to make it feel so real and nothing was more important than experiencing those good feelings. Until, DING the school bell rang and you would snap out of it because something more important had come up.

The kids I used teach drama would have to have a snack in their lunch box before class. But some kids didn’t have a snack because maybe they ate it at lunch or their parents forgot. So I would have a bunch of whinging kids complaining about how hungry they were. Now drama class was only an hour long so all I needed was just something to get them through the class. So I asked one little boy “What needs to happen? If you could eat anything you want right now what would it be?” And he replied instantly with “Chocolate cake!”


“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
― Albert Einstein


So I gave him an imaginary bowl and asked him what ingredients we put in the bowl to make this cake. I put imaginary flour and sugar and watched him crack some imaginary eggs. He would stir it all in with a big grin on his face. I put the mixture in the imaginary cake pan and put it in the imaginary oven. We even did the ‘Ding’ oven sound. I then told him to smell the cake as I took it out of the oven. All making it so real for him by awakening those senses and making everything so specific. That kid ate that imaginary cake with the biggest grin and didn’t complain about being hungry. Although I did get 5 other kids asking me to bake them a magic cake ahah.

When we become adults, we forget that we have this powerful tool of creative immersion and imagination. Adults need to be reminded now of that important question “What needs to happen?” so they can use their creative minds to work out what is best for them.

Maybe something needs to be changed in your life or maybe you need to imagine the stress of the day being put in a bin and taken away by a truck. Whatever works for you to relieve you of that stress and anxiety.

Remember you are the Creator and Decision Maker of your own life.

For more information on Hypnotherapy for Stress click here or for Hypnotherapy for Anxiety click here !

Till next time,

Nanu Nanu


Do New Years Resolution’s really work? The secret to making those goals happen!

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Do New Years Resolution’s really work? The secret to making those goals happen! 

You might be counting down the seconds to midnight or like me completely unaware and zzzzzz. Oops! The next day you feel a new surge of excitement for the year ahead. A new hope that this year will be amazing and knowing that you learnt so much from the year before so you know it can only get better. But where to start?

We all have goals. Whether it be to make sure you do the dishes every night or whether its to be an Olympic Champion.  They can be small or big but we need goals in our lives… otherwise nothing would get done!

But for those bigger goals or ‘mastermind’ goals, the new year makes you spring into action to do that all important planning.

The thing about goals is that most people go for the biggest goal they can think of. For example, I want to Quit Smoking or I want to Lose Weight. This is all great and you do get a surge of  “Wow wouldn’t that be that nice” but that doesn’t last that long. Time goes by and you feel like you are going nowhere. Your goal is out there and you are nowhere near closer to it.

What I use with my clients is the SMART process.

Is your goal…

S – Specific?

M- Measurable?

A- Attainable?

R- Realistic?

T- Time based?

Specific- So for example if your goal is to Lose Weight….That’s not really specific is it? Some people might need to lose 10kg or 30kg. How much weight exactly do you want to lose? Be as specific as you can.

Measurable- Find out when you have to achieve that goal. So to Lose Weight… 6 months? Year? Or for a specific occasion?

Attainable- Is this goal achievable or attainable? What Resources do you need? How much time do you need?

Realistic- Is it a realistic goal with the resources you have and the time given? Do you need to give more time or gather more resources to make it more realistic?

Time based- How much time do you give yourself to achieve this goal? As you go you may change it as you realize its too much time or not enough

Now you have gone through SMART process and understand what is needed to make that ‘mastermind’ goal a reality. Now its time to break it up into ‘mini me’ goals for you to complete to get to that ‘mastermind’ goal.

A question I always ask my clients. What do you need to do to complete that goal?

So for example, the goal is (after using the SMART process) to lose 20kg in a year. What do you need to do to complete that goal? Then by asking that and keep asking that, you get all these ‘mini me’ goals to complete which make you feel amazing when you complete them. Getting a step closer and closer to that ‘mastermind’ goal.

Friends laugh at me for patting myself on the back for any tiny goal I complete. I may look like an excited silly child but it makes me feel good when I have tidied the house or finished a hypnotherapy book or even got a seat on the train. No matter how small it is, allow your self to feel those good feelings because they help you to get closer to that ‘mastermind’ goal.

Remember people are motivated to change by either pleasure or pain. The most effective is pleasure, so allow yourself to feel good when you’ve crossed something off your list. That pleasure is so important as it allows your mind to welcome some wonderful changes.

So what if you have done all this work and still haven’t achieved it?

The important thing about goals is to ask Do I value my Goal? Is it important to me? If the goal is not that important to you it wont get done. Or sometimes life throws us things that are more important than completing that ‘mastermind’ goal so your focus shifts. THAT’S OKAY.  You can always come back to it and make it a priority or employ a life coach and Hypnotherapist like myself to find out unconsciously what exactly is stopping you from achieving this goal.

There are always options, opportunities and moments to enjoy and learn. You just have to be smart. 🙂

Want to know more? Book a session with me here NOW!


Till next time,

Nanu Nanu


How Hypnosis works? Does Hypnotherapy really work? Your questions answered HERE!

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How Hypnosis works? Does Hypnotherapy really work? Your questions answered HERE!


These questions I get asked a lot so I thought I would answer them in this blog post.


What is Hypnosis? 


Okay, so Hypnosis is a pleasant relaxed state of awareness.  Everything around you is temporarily suspended as your mind focuses on what the Hypnotherapist says. You listen and follow the instructions of the hypnotherapist and allow your mind to be child like. Completely creative and open. How fun!

What are you actually doing to me with those nice suggestions?

I am accessing your unconscious processes and changing your unconscious neurological habitual pathways.


We all have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind.


Our conscious does all our logical thinking, reasoning and questioning.


Our unconscious does everything that we are not aware of. Blinking….breathing…..walking….the list goes on.




Its like a super computer with a massive database that may need reprogramming if some bits are not working for you. To be specific our unconscious mind operates at 40 million bits of data per second, whereas the conscious mind processes at only 40 bits per second. So the unconscious mind is MUCH more powerful than the conscious mind, and it is the unconscious mind which shapes how we live our life.


So for example if you are a smoker and you consciously want to give up smoking (which is a great start!) you have to reprogram your unconscious processes as well as the conscious. That’s my job! 🙂


Its the same with any habit because our unconscious LOVES habits and stores all our emotions and memories linked with that habit. So changing a habit like Smoking, Compulsive eating, Anxiety etc all change has to be in agreement with the unconscious.


Can anyone be hypnotized?


Where there’s a will there’s a way 🙂


You have to want to change. Really want to change. You have to be open and use that creative childlike part of that you.


We are in some kind of hypnotic state every day of our life. For some, it might be driving along a highway and realizing time has gone by and you have missed your turn off. For others it might be watching a favourite movie or sports game and not realizing someone in the room just called your name or asked you a question. You don’t have to be in the deepest state for change to happen. In fact a lighter state can be extremely powerful.


And so you put me into hypnosis and I’m fixed?


Nup. Sorry there is nothing magical about hypnosis. There is no magic fix or magic pill.  Unfortunately the understanding of ‘magic pill’ hypnosis has been widely miss represented in our world and causes a complete lack of responsibility from the clients perspective.  Having said that, a hypnotist doing therapy can induce some ‘magic’ moments just in the same way that a stage hypnotist achieves when they induce only a small percentage of their audience.   This is the reason for having that integrity and not providing potential clients with a guarantee. You and your hypnotherapist have to work as a team or as i like to say to my clients…like a couple of detectives. One technique may work better than another but its about BOTH of us working together to work out how to change your unconscious processes. Good thing is that the technique that didn’t work that time might be just what you need for a problem in the future. MTPA Sydney Hypnotherapy gives you a tool box full of helpful mind tools.


How long does it take?


Clients usually see me for a minimum of 3 sessions. Depending on the problem they may see me for up to 6. See below the stats revealed on how effective hypnosis is over that time.

A survey of psychotherapy literature by Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D. revealed the following recovery rates:

Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions

Behavior therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions

Hypnotherapy: 93% after 6 sessions


Can you control me?


ahaha If that was the case I would be sipping cocktails with Michael Fassbender in Fiji. But alas no 🙁

Your unconscious mind is there to protect you. And will not do anything that you don’t want to do.

On that note I hope this all helps you have a better understanding but now i have a strange impulse to do some hypnosis and imagine myself sipping cocktails with Fassy…..Remember the unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality. Yesssssss!!!



For a full list of MTPA Sydney Hypnotherapy services click here!

Nanu Nanu


Say Yes to Anxiety Attacks! Say whaaaaaaat?

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Say Yes to Anxiety Attacks! Say whaaaaaaat?

Sounds crazy right? Why say yes to something that creeps up on you and ruins your day like a bad Justin Beiber song?


Because it works!


Anxiety attacks can be horrible and effect people in very different ways. Some clients have described it as your heart rate goes up, you experience blurred vision or you feel like you are about to have a heart attack. Everyone’s different. The important thing to know is that these attacks can be stopped using Hypnosis and other Mind Tools. And of course medication prescribed by a Doctor but in my opinion it should be a last resort as they may have some nasty side effects.

But what if you are in the middle of an attack and you don’t have medication or any mind tools to cope with the attack?


When our brain thinks we are in a dangerous situation our brain goes into Survival Mode. This means the Amygdala in our brain sends out distress signals to our sympathetic nervous system which releases energy and prepares our body to take action. Then after the dangerous situation passes, the parasympathetic nervous system steps in and slows our heart rate down and gets us to a calmer state. But if we don’t have the necessary resources to get the parasympathetic nervous system going, the anxiety will grow and result in a serious Anxiety attack. Remember our unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between Imaginary and Reality so the attack could happen in any situation. Whether you are about to go Sky diving or even on your way to work, If your mind believes you are in danger it will produce the Anxiety symptoms.


If you don’t have the resources or mind tools to get that parasympathetic nervous system going you better let that anxiety out otherwise it will just build and continue for a long time until you pay attention to it. Say Yes and let it out in any way that works for you. Whether it be breathing, or crying, or imagining the anxiety going out a window, or just letting out a scream, say yes (i like to say BRING IT ON!!). Let it out and you will find the attack is over within minutes or even seconds.


If you resist in any way it will build and the attack will last a lot longer.




If you say to yourself “Don’t have an anxiety attack right now” or “Don’t do this now” or “No No No” The symptoms will get worse.




Well, if I told you don’t think about a pink elephant…You are thinking about a pink Elephant now aren’t you?


Same thing with Anxiety. What you resist will persist.


Obviously if the attacks are frequent or if you are having trouble controlling them, then its a much deeper problem and I suggest you see your favourite sassy MTPA Hypnotherapist as soon as you can heehee.


What I am suggesting in this blog is a short term solution and the only way to deal with the problem is to get help. Listen to your mind. Its always there to protect you and give you funny things to think about like Pink Elephants ahaha




Till Next Time,

Nanu Nanu




The secret to giving your child healing powers! The ‘Buzz Groove’!‏

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Ever wondered how you can give your child special powers to deal with any uncomfortable situation? Read on NOW! 

Okay so a while ago I went to one of my closest friends baby shower and surprise surprise there were kids everywhere.

One little boy who was about 3 years old got my attention. He was very cute and a little smaller than the other kids and he kept falling down or bumping into things and hurting himself. Poor little guy. And what I noticed is every time this happened he not only got his mother coming to the rescue and comforting him but the whole room broke out into “awww is he okay?” “poor guy” “oh no!!” and immediately flocked to him.

What a lucky boy! I wish every time I went ass over tit on the train, the whole carriage would flock to me and give me cuddles and attention. But obviously I lack the cute hidden charm of a 3 year old 🙂

But what those women did is a natural human reaction…maybe not to a 20 something year old on a train getting hurt but a little boy? hell yes! Its that motherly instinct that’s engrained in us to protect our young and make sure they are okay. You see it all the time. David Attenboruough even talks about it with lions or other mammals “the protective mother nurses her cubs wounds…”

But it kept happening! He would find something to cry about. Whether it was the fact his giant adult sized cupcake fell out of his tiny hands (if I had a giant cupcake I would most likely drop it) or he tripped over the chair leg (which wasn’t there a few seconds ago so completely understandable) those same few people with those motherly instincts gasped in shock as if it was some incredible horrific incident and gave him some attention to make him feel better.


But what did that little boy learn from that situation? Did he learn to look out for things that were bumping into him? No I didn’t see anyone explain anything to him. Or did he learn that if he cries he can get soooo much attention? Yep.


When a baby is born the first way it learns to communicate is to cry. Cry because you are hungry. Cry because you have a wet nappy. Cry because you are uncomfortable. And the baby doesn’t know any better so he/she is just going to keep crying. And the unconscious mind LOVES habit so of course a cry is used for a number of things because it nearly always gets the same outcome. MUM COMES! So even as we get older and learn the tools to cope with situations like when you are hungry or uncomfortable, we still sometimes get that urge to call Mum. I still do it to this day. 🙂 Also New studies have argued a humans brain isn’t fully developed till you are around about 25!!!! 25!!!! That’s nuts! So if you think about this little boy that has only 3 years in existence it would be virtually a blank canvas with a few spots here and there of how to eat, talk, walk and what makes me giggle (a very important magical spot) And if i want anything from Mum I need to cry. So he only knows those spots and nothing else. He needs to learn new spots other than crying to add to that mind canvas. And the thing to remember is that all of us are constantly learning and adding a few more spots on that canvas and even rubbing out the ones that simply don’t work.

So that child only knows that if he/she cries, mum or someone is going to come and give me attention and make me feel better. The magical power is how you can use your childs wonderful imagination to learn the coping mechanisms so that the cry only lasts a few seconds or maybe even no cry at all. The trick is to find your child’s ‘Buzz Groove’.

The Buzz Groove- a short word, phrase, gesture or something that automatically provides relief that is personalized and empowering to the individual.


After a while I got a little irritated as others did of his constant crying and one of the girls had an idea of giving him a balloon. And in about 5 seconds (because remember he probably has never seen a balloon in his life or knows how they work…he’s missing that spot on his mind canvas) he let go of the balloon and it flew away. So of course everyone gasps and you can see his face scrunch up and frown and about to muster the biggest cry this baby shower has ever seen!

So without even thinking I ran up to him and picked him and said “Wow look at what you did! You have magical powers! You made the ballon fly! Look how high you are making it go! You are magic!”

And within seconds he was laughing and giggling and pointing upwards and I used his finger to make him think he was moving the balloon all across the sky.

How fun it was! Luckily, this child’s ‘Buzz Groove’ was magic!

Next I told him “Next time you get a balloon you can either keep it and make sure you hold on tight so it stays with you or you can use your magical pointing powers to make it fly away” Now there’s a cool lesson and what a brilliant power.

Another example is when I teach kids drama. When I first started a few years ago they gave me a first aid kit and I realised if I gave every kid who was upset because of a microscopic dent in their pinkie finger a band aid I would have to replenish the first aid kit every term and the kids would only learn that if they felt any kind of pain they need a band aid. But band aids aren’t everywhere so not the best coping mechanism for a child. So the next time a kid came to me with a small scratch, I assessed the severity of the scratch to see if it needed a band aid and 9 times out of 10 it didn’t but I knew the kid would not be satisfied so I invented a ‘Buzz Groove’ which was known to the kids as a ‘Fairy blow’. Which is just me blowing a small puff of air on the finger and because you are giving the kids this magical tool they can do it themselves and instantly feel relief. Because only the teacher would know the best way to cure a scratch. heehee 🙂

Another situation happened last week with a little girl who accidentally backed into a boy sitting down and fell on his face. He started crying really loud.

Me: it’s okay. At least she didn’t fart on your face.

(Kids giggle)

Me: (to little girl) now apologize for accidentally falling on his face.

Little girl: I’m sorry.

Me:(to little boy face victim) now thank her for not farting on your face.

Little boy: Thank you for not farting in my face.

(Giggles all round)

So I learnt that farts are this boys ‘Buzz Groove’ ahahaha!

How fun would it be to teach your child imaginative ways to cope with difficult situations. Find that hidden power that makes them laugh and show them how to do it on their own. They will grow up using this tool and will keep using the power of their minds. Every child is different so find out what makes them tick or that ‘Buzz Groove’. For me when I was little I was a very cuddly child and when I would cry, my dad said it was like a cartoon character, the tears just kept coming!

More examples of Buzz Groove

So my dad invented the ‘Kelly Cuddle’ a short cuddle with a few gestures that my dad would give me that only lasted a few seconds (so I wouldn’t get too clingy) that always made me feel better. To this day I still see my dad now and again for a Kelly cuddle but now I have learnt new imaginative ways to deal with situations so a ‘Kelly Cuddle’ is very rare but just as special 🙂

For my partners niece who is just 18 months old its the song ‘you are my sunshine’, which was used ever since she was born to get her to sleep or stop her crying. Now at 18 months when her parents are busy driving, she sings it to herself to get to sleep. What a smart baby! That song is her ‘Buzz Groove’.


So go and find out that short ‘Buzz Groove’ that makes your child use their imaginations and take that discomfort away. The ‘Buzz Groove’ could be dancing, imagining they are eating a chocolate cake (I once had a child druelling in hypnosis imagining eating a cake), kicking there favourite ball or being their favourite super hero. It can be anything! Get them to do it themselves so they can do it anytime in any situation. Remember the unconscious mind LOVES habit so do it every time they feel discomfort and get those good feelings going.

MTPA Sydney Hypnotherapy offers Family Hypnotherapy to help families with children with behavioural problems, Anxiety based problems and more. Contact me for more info here.

Till next time,

Nanu Nanu


Welcome to MTPA! My Blog Pledge!

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Welcome to MTPA! My Blog Pledge!

Okay so this is the first blog post…EXCITNG!

So you know what you are in for, I feel that you should know exactly what this blog offers (and what it doesn’t).

So here is my pledge:


I pledge allegiance to the MTPA Blog.

To share the KNOWLEDGE that I have learnt,

from the incredible resources I have.

One Blog, with out opinions and silly selfies.

With fun facts and support for all!

 The things that I will be posting about are:

  • The Tricks of the Trade– Information on how our mind works.
  • The Whats What on Weight Loss– Recipe’s, Links, great personal trainers and information on how to better achieve your Weight Loss goals.
  • A Sneaky Insight into Sessions– Any non specific learning’s or discoveries made in sessions but of course there is 100% confidentiality in all my sessions.
  • Unconciously Congruent Quotes– (try saying that 10 times fast heehe) Quotes that I think are helpful, logical, and that are in agreement with the unconscious mind.
  • The Silly Stuff- Anything that I find silly, fun but also incredibly helpful in day to day life. Gotta have the fun stuff! 🙂

Till next time,

Nanu Nanu! 🙂