MTPA Sydney Hypnotherapy working with Performers at The Hub Studio

MTPA Sydney Hypnotherapy is proud to announce that we are working with The Hub Studio to bring my Mind Training for Performing Artists Workshop on the 22nd April from 10am -3pm at just $85!

Course Overview

Take advantage of this new opportunity to attend an extremely special one-day Workshop. This Workshop is one of a kind as Actors are given a chance to work with Kelly Robinson who is a Master Hypnotist and Neuro-Linguistic-Programmer. Kelly has worked ‘one on one’ with professional Actors, Opera Singers, Dancers, Musicians and is now presenting her Mind Tool system to a group of forward thinking Actors at The Hub Studio. Artists have come to her to learn these secret Mind Tools to enhance their Performance and to get rid of any kind of fear or anxiety with auditioning or performing. This workshop is what has been missing and desperately required in this industry.



Course Outline

Kelly’s Workshop focuses on unlocking the power of the Actors unconscious mind. Using her Mind Tool System, Actors get the most out of every audition and performance opportunity. This gives the Actor the power to create fantastic and consistent performances. In the Workshop Kelly will have you:

  • Building a relationship with your powerful unconscious mind. You will have a one of a kind insight into how the mind works in Performance situations
  • Utilizing secrets to build unconscious rapport with Casting Directors, Directors and other Actors.
  • Free and clear of anxiety and nerves with her marvelous Release Techniques
  • Powerfully using the Disappointment Destroyer program – a proven Mind Tool used by professional Performers and even Olympic Elite Athletes all around Australia.
  • Unlocking and fully embodying a Character easily in a sensationally unconscious way!

Course Outcomes

Imagine knowing that with every performance you can feel confident, focused and wise. You will be so surprised and delighted with this workshop as it’s not like any other acting workshop you have attended.  BE READY and YOU WILL ACHIEVE:

  • No nerves or anxiety and the power to bounce back fast no matter what the outcome.
  • You will be armed with the secret automatic Mind Tools for you to use at any audition, casting and performance.
  • Incredibly effective coping mechanisms to handle the pressures of the Industry.
  • Once learnt, you can then have the freedom to use all that you have learnt in other areas of your life for the rest of your life!

Session Details

When: 1 x Sunday

Dates: 22nd April 2018

Time: 10am – 3pm

Venue: 18 City Rd, Chippendale, NSW 2008

Cost: $85.00 excl GST and booking fee.

Participants: 12-14 Maximum


To sign up click here!

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