How to relieve Stress and Anxiety with one simple question…

Want to know the secret to relieve any Stress and Anxiety?

Ask yourself this simple question…




By asking yourself this important question you immediately empower yourself as the Decision Maker and Creator of your own life.

Our minds are incredibly creative and the solution to all of our problems are already inside us. We just have to ask the right questions.

When we were children we learnt how to use our imagination to solve problems. Remember going to your friend excitedly and saying those all important powerful words “Lets pretend…”? And whether you were princesses stuck in a tower or army soldiers on a secret mission, it all felt so real. Because as you know the unconscious doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality.  Maybe you had pictures, sounds, feeling, smells and even tastes to make it feel so real and nothing was more important than experiencing those good feelings. Until, DING the school bell rang and you would snap out of it because something more important had come up.

The kids I used teach drama would have to have a snack in their lunch box before class. But some kids didn’t have a snack because maybe they ate it at lunch or their parents forgot. So I would have a bunch of whinging kids complaining about how hungry they were. Now drama class was only an hour long so all I needed was just something to get them through the class. So I asked one little boy “What needs to happen? If you could eat anything you want right now what would it be?” And he replied instantly with “Chocolate cake!”


“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
― Albert Einstein


So I gave him an imaginary bowl and asked him what ingredients we put in the bowl to make this cake. I put imaginary flour and sugar and watched him crack some imaginary eggs. He would stir it all in with a big grin on his face. I put the mixture in the imaginary cake pan and put it in the imaginary oven. We even did the ‘Ding’ oven sound. I then told him to smell the cake as I took it out of the oven. All making it so real for him by awakening those senses and making everything so specific. That kid ate that imaginary cake with the biggest grin and didn’t complain about being hungry. Although I did get 5 other kids asking me to bake them a magic cake ahah.

When we become adults, we forget that we have this powerful tool of creative immersion and imagination. Adults need to be reminded now of that important question “What needs to happen?” so they can use their creative minds to work out what is best for them.

Maybe something needs to be changed in your life or maybe you need to imagine the stress of the day being put in a bin and taken away by a truck. Whatever works for you to relieve you of that stress and anxiety.

Remember you are the Creator and Decision Maker of your own life.

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Till next time,

Nanu Nanu


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