Do New Years Resolution’s really work? The secret to making those goals happen!

Do New Years Resolution’s really work? The secret to making those goals happen! 

You might be counting down the seconds to midnight or like me completely unaware and zzzzzz. Oops! The next day you feel a new surge of excitement for the year ahead. A new hope that this year will be amazing and knowing that you learnt so much from the year before so you know it can only get better. But where to start?

We all have goals. Whether it be to make sure you do the dishes every night or whether its to be an Olympic Champion.  They can be small or big but we need goals in our lives… otherwise nothing would get done!

But for those bigger goals or ‘mastermind’ goals, the new year makes you spring into action to do that all important planning.

The thing about goals is that most people go for the biggest goal they can think of. For example, I want to Quit Smoking or I want to Lose Weight. This is all great and you do get a surge of  “Wow wouldn’t that be that nice” but that doesn’t last that long. Time goes by and you feel like you are going nowhere. Your goal is out there and you are nowhere near closer to it.

What I use with my clients is the SMART process.

Is your goal…

S – Specific?

M- Measurable?

A- Attainable?

R- Realistic?

T- Time based?

Specific- So for example if your goal is to Lose Weight….That’s not really specific is it? Some people might need to lose 10kg or 30kg. How much weight exactly do you want to lose? Be as specific as you can.

Measurable- Find out when you have to achieve that goal. So to Lose Weight… 6 months? Year? Or for a specific occasion?

Attainable- Is this goal achievable or attainable? What Resources do you need? How much time do you need?

Realistic- Is it a realistic goal with the resources you have and the time given? Do you need to give more time or gather more resources to make it more realistic?

Time based- How much time do you give yourself to achieve this goal? As you go you may change it as you realize its too much time or not enough

Now you have gone through SMART process and understand what is needed to make that ‘mastermind’ goal a reality. Now its time to break it up into ‘mini me’ goals for you to complete to get to that ‘mastermind’ goal.

A question I always ask my clients. What do you need to do to complete that goal?

So for example, the goal is (after using the SMART process) to lose 20kg in a year. What do you need to do to complete that goal? Then by asking that and keep asking that, you get all these ‘mini me’ goals to complete which make you feel amazing when you complete them. Getting a step closer and closer to that ‘mastermind’ goal.

Friends laugh at me for patting myself on the back for any tiny goal I complete. I may look like an excited silly child but it makes me feel good when I have tidied the house or finished a hypnotherapy book or even got a seat on the train. No matter how small it is, allow your self to feel those good feelings because they help you to get closer to that ‘mastermind’ goal.

Remember people are motivated to change by either pleasure or pain. The most effective is pleasure, so allow yourself to feel good when you’ve crossed something off your list. That pleasure is so important as it allows your mind to welcome some wonderful changes.

So what if you have done all this work and still haven’t achieved it?

The important thing about goals is to ask Do I value my Goal? Is it important to me? If the goal is not that important to you it wont get done. Or sometimes life throws us things that are more important than completing that ‘mastermind’ goal so your focus shifts. THAT’S OKAY.  You can always come back to it and make it a priority or employ a life coach and Hypnotherapist like myself to find out unconsciously what exactly is stopping you from achieving this goal.

There are always options, opportunities and moments to enjoy and learn. You just have to be smart. 🙂

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Till next time,

Nanu Nanu


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