Say Yes to Anxiety Attacks! Say whaaaaaaat?

Say Yes to Anxiety Attacks! Say whaaaaaaat?

Sounds crazy right? Why say yes to something that creeps up on you and ruins your day like a bad Justin Beiber song?


Because it works!


Anxiety attacks can be horrible and effect people in very different ways. Some clients have described it as your heart rate goes up, you experience blurred vision or you feel like you are about to have a heart attack. Everyone’s different. The important thing to know is that these attacks can be stopped using Hypnosis and other Mind Tools. And of course medication prescribed by a Doctor but in my opinion it should be a last resort as they may have some nasty side effects.

But what if you are in the middle of an attack and you don’t have medication or any mind tools to cope with the attack?


When our brain thinks we are in a dangerous situation our brain goes into Survival Mode. This means the Amygdala in our brain sends out distress signals to our sympathetic nervous system which releases energy and prepares our body to take action. Then after the dangerous situation passes, the parasympathetic nervous system steps in and slows our heart rate down and gets us to a calmer state. But if we don’t have the necessary resources to get the parasympathetic nervous system going, the anxiety will grow and result in a serious Anxiety attack. Remember our unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between Imaginary and Reality so the attack could happen in any situation. Whether you are about to go Sky diving or even on your way to work, If your mind believes you are in danger it will produce the Anxiety symptoms.


If you don’t have the resources or mind tools to get that parasympathetic nervous system going you better let that anxiety out otherwise it will just build and continue for a long time until you pay attention to it. Say Yes and let it out in any way that works for you. Whether it be breathing, or crying, or imagining the anxiety going out a window, or just letting out a scream, say yes (i like to say BRING IT ON!!). Let it out and you will find the attack is over within minutes or even seconds.


If you resist in any way it will build and the attack will last a lot longer.




If you say to yourself “Don’t have an anxiety attack right now” or “Don’t do this now” or “No No No” The symptoms will get worse.




Well, if I told you don’t think about a pink elephant…You are thinking about a pink Elephant now aren’t you?


Same thing with Anxiety. What you resist will persist.


Obviously if the attacks are frequent or if you are having trouble controlling them, then its a much deeper problem and I suggest you see your favourite sassy MTPA Hypnotherapist as soon as you can heehee.


What I am suggesting in this blog is a short term solution and the only way to deal with the problem is to get help. Listen to your mind. Its always there to protect you and give you funny things to think about like Pink Elephants ahaha




Till Next Time,

Nanu Nanu




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