Welcome to MTPA! My Blog Pledge!

Welcome to MTPA! My Blog Pledge!

Okay so this is the first blog post…EXCITNG!

So you know what you are in for, I feel that you should know exactly what this blog offers (and what it doesn’t).

So here is my pledge:


I pledge allegiance to the MTPA Blog.

To share the KNOWLEDGE that I have learnt,

from the incredible resources I have.

One Blog, with out opinions and silly selfies.

With fun facts and support for all!

 The things that I will be posting about are:

  • The Tricks of the Trade– Information on how our mind works.
  • The Whats What on Weight Loss– Recipe’s, Links, great personal trainers and information on how to better achieve your Weight Loss goals.
  • A Sneaky Insight into Sessions– Any non specific learning’s or discoveries made in sessions but of course there is 100% confidentiality in all my sessions.
  • Unconciously Congruent Quotes– (try saying that 10 times fast heehe) Quotes that I think are helpful, logical, and that are in agreement with the unconscious mind.
  • The Silly Stuff- Anything that I find silly, fun but also incredibly helpful in day to day life. Gotta have the fun stuff! 🙂

Till next time,

Nanu Nanu! 🙂





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